Advertisement is a free online game that a lot of people like playing for enjoyment purposes.
Your objective in this game is to have the longest possible survival time to achieve the highest possible score. The game can be started by clicking the play button that is located on the main menu. In the next moment, you will find yourself flying over the ocean. The whistling sound of rockets fills the air, so be sure to turn your attention to the sky. That is something you must steer clear of. You may accomplish this by adjusting the direction in which your plane is flying and drawing circles in the air by using the left and right arrow buttons. You can gain points in three different ways. To begin, there is the time score. You can acquire this by living. Second, there is the tip of the projectile. By evading rockets, you can accumulate points related to this. For the final time, you have the opportunity to accumulate star points by collecting stars that appear at random on the map.
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